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Sandilands’ sponsors speed away from the train wreck!!

24 Nov

It’s not only Holden that has pulled the pin on sponsorship on The Kyle and Jackie O Show… but add to the list: Blackmores, telecomms giant Telstra, Vodafone, Fantastic Furniture, The Good Guys and Medibank.

Advertisers began retreating from Sandilands after he unleashed a personal attack on reporter Alison Stephenson after she labelled the one-off special Kyle & Jackie O’s Night with the Stars on Monday night a “disaster”.

PR is an interesting thing isn’t it? I wonder if Kyle sees this latest stunt as a success because after all… audience ratings did start high at 1.4m audience for Night With The Stars before it plummeted to just over 200,000. I wonder what Seven and Southern Cross Austereo are thinking (again)??


New cat video to save us from more Kyle stories

24 Nov


Thanks goodness for cats!!!


#QantasLuxury Fail #2

23 Nov

There is something about this video that cracks me up every time I watch it… and it doesn’t matter if it was Julia Gillard ousting K-Rudd or the Vegemite iSnack 2.0 disaster.

So what’s the next social media campaign we can eagerly look forward to Qantas? As the video cleverly states, ‘When I asked for a communications strategy, I wanted something with balls.’

Or is this a time to see if Santa is checking his naughty or nice list??? Maybe he can turn off Twitter, just for Alan Joyce??!! Funny Santa video anyone?

Will the woes ever end for Qantas?

22 Nov


Oh dear… poor Qantas. Can they do anything right at the moment?

It seems that not many people are feeling sorry for the airline but rather smashing it on social media. OK, what were the QF social media team thinking with the Radike Samo black face prank, and now this competition offering the ‘amazing’ prize of an amenity pack and our famous PJs? PJs!!!! Puhleease Qantas…. what were you thinking?

My only concern is that Qantas will end up like Ansett and be something that we remember fondly. A distant memory, that nostalgic and feeling of warmth that we felt when we looked to the skies to see the red flying Kangaroo, especially when we were overseas. Don’t let Qantas and the flying kangaroo become extinct.

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