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The solution to drunk Facebook happy snaps

22 Dec

Well with most of the Christmas parties done and dusted, it’s time to go back through Facebook and Tumblr and check those drunk happy snaps!

Thanks to the answer is only a photoshop away!

A recent UK study found that out of 2000 people surveyed by photo book website 76% said they had tagged images of being drunk on Facebook. Worse, they have no conscience when it comes to who can see these images. Over half (58%) left the images available to all their friends and followers and 26% were public. Just 12% locked down images so only they could see them. For the full story, click on this link


The Cricket Colonial

20 Dec

For the baby of four girls brought up in a central Queensland country town, watching Test cricket was THE most boring thing in the entire world. It was SOOOO slow, even grass grew quicker than what happened in the centre of the field. OK… I was too young to appreciate Dennis K Lillee’s hairy chest, gold chains and high pants, or Thomo’s amazingly fast, fire balls. I probably didn’t appreciate The Ashes battles but I certainly have grown to LOVE them now! My childhood cricketing heros

Then an amazing person called Kerry Packer (who also must have been bored) –but he was also thinking of how to financially capitalize on 20million Aussies being totally bored and introduced the white cricket ball. And the concept went worldwide.

With my nextdoor neighbours, we had THE XI of Jessie Street! We were THE guns! The first white cricket ball in the steet. Cricket then became exciting… not that I remember a lot but men in funny colours, quick one day games that drew the crowds back into the stands for some beers and bikinis! Yellow was not a flattering colour (unless you were Dennis K)!! hehe

So today I’m off to my first Twenty20 match. But what’s wrong with me? I’m not excited. In fact, I’m a little apprehensive. I now have grown into a Test girl… yes, a girl who likes cricket, loves the 1st day of the 1st test at The Gabba. For those reading  & scratching their heads.. The Gabba stands for Wooloongabba (yes it’s spelt that way! A suburb in inner Brisbane, sunny Queensland, Australia. And a bit more trivia for those playing at home.. juts around the corner from the recording studios where Powderfinger started jamming about 20 years ago).

One day games, fine… and my dear Dad’s Xmas present (again) are One Day tickets for next year. I’m even taking my 14 year old girls today, and you guessed it, they are NOT impressed! They didn’t like One Day-ers!

But I am not a fan of the Big Bash games. I haven’t been to one… but the idea of smashing the ball to Kingdom Come (where is that place)?? Just doesn’t excite me.

I have read many a cricketing newspaper article about how this has destroyed the game. I realize and understand that you can’t be everything to everyone, and maybe that was the hardest thing for the cricketing lads to work out. They didn’t have to be in ‘every’ team to be a success. But maybe this game has brought the crowds back. Created excitement where no excitement was, says Yoda. There was a great article in The Aust Financial Review Magazine, Summer 2011. 

That’s what marketing is all about isn’t it? Cricket Australia have seemed to created a war between the States, put sexy back with cool names, including Melbourne Stars (a bit gay), Sydney 6ers and Thunder (don’t mind those), Brisbane Heat (sexy), Hobart Hurricanes, Adelaide strikers, Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Renegades (bit American). And funky coloured outfitting!

Well… I’m sure that my girls’ and my experience will a fun one tonight …  I’m not a Shane Warne fan, but I am looking forward to seeing his facelift debacle and you can’t deny it, seeing him bowl in such a game like this will be fantastic!! Stay tuned! I’m a little bit excited now! 

Forget The House: It’s Gingerbread TARDIS time

19 Dec

Not sure what to take to Christmas parties of give as your homemade gift this year?Well… here it is! No more Hansel and Gretel homes.

Fin the recipe @

Chutneys, rocky road shaped Christmas trees , onion marmalade, fig paste are all ideal homemade Christmas gifts (if you have time). And easy to make.




Here’s a great recipe for Rocky Road Xmas trees! via

Xmas Present Woes – Give Experiences

18 Dec

This holiday season, instead of giving your girlfriends a necklace or a sweater, mix things up and gift them an experience they’ll never forget. Sometimes life’s responsibilities can get in the way of spending enough quality time with your gal pals, so what better way to make time for them than to give it as a gift? And the best part of experience gifts is that the memories and photos will last a lifetime. Here are 6 out-of-the-box girls’ night out ideas that you can share with your ladies, whether they are sporty, crafty, or have a sweet tooth!


  1. Day spa
  2. Chocolate experience
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Pole dancing
  5. Zumba
  6. Book club

And lads, you can do the same thing… except no shopping on the list! And while you’d like to try pole dancing, I’m not sure how that would go down with your man-pals.

  1. Deep sea fishing trip
  2. Skydiving
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Duran Duran 2012 concert tickets (yes you may as well fess up – you loved ‘em too)
  5. Dr Who box set (or Star Wars) – fun for everyone & some downtime in the new year.
  6. Bikram yoga (yes… lose those unwanted Xmas kilos)
  7. If you’re in Australia – Harry Potter exhibition @Powerhouse in Sydney or Harry Potter World in the USA (and you can use the kids as your excuse)!


14 Dec

Don’t you just love a good Graduation ceremony? I must admit, I do! And I get to go to two a year to watch my favourite under & post graduates do ‘the walk’.

They don’t realise how wonderful ‘the walk’ is and how much it means to them until the day. Ok, it does only last for 30 seconds, but that 30 seconds is not just about their last 3 years. It’s about their families, their pain & suffering but also lots of fun.

They’ve met so many wonderful people on the way, many their Professors. Who are so proud to see them gown up and be awarded their certificates. Most students don’t realise how their Profs can help them get jobs or work experience. Many are scared of us & afraid to speak to us in fear that we are aliens!!

Fear not young graduands. We praise you & wish you well in your future lives.

Daily Deals: Are relationships dead?

13 Dec

Checked your full inbox this morning? Or noticed after you signed up for ‘Daily Deals’ that your inbox is always full (someone does love you)!!

This trend is growing with businesses being smart to cash in on this phenomenon. Anything goes with products and services offered ranging from wine, house cleaning, yoga, facials, holidays, ballooning… and I could continue on forever! Direct mailed straight into your inbox – with a clever headline! We as consumers can now pick and choose whatever takes our fancy. If we are not interested, we delete the email. Simple!

Or is it?

From a marketing point of view, what message are business sending? Do we need a deal to attract the attention of new prospects? Possibly we do? But possibly we don’t.

Will this new customer become loyal to your business?

This really depends on how you treat them. If you treat prospects poorly they won’t come back to complete their deal. You need to still woo these customers over to ‘your dark side’!! You need to provide superior service, you need to value add and provide solutions superior to their (original) provider. You need to provide a positive brand experience.

I suppose the other aspect is… do you want a relationship with these new customers? Most smart businesses and brands will…. But there are always those brands out there that may be arrogant to believe that by doing nothing will turn these potential new prospects into customers. Treat ‘em mean hey?? Unfortunately this strategy won’t work in our uber competitive marketplace.

So we get the new customers in from a deal. What is your conversion rate? And this is after costs? To offer this ‘daily deal’ costs a lot… to not convert will hurt your purse strings.

How about another take on this, keeping your loyal customers happy?

Do they get a deal as well?

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National Conference on Volunteering 2011

12 Dec

What a great day on The Gold Coast @ the National Conference on Volunteering last week. And what a great couple of days. I met some amazingly, awesome people and saw some fantastic sessions. Thanks Liz Buchanan & Jeremy Mansfield for being on the wonderful panel and showing how social media experts do it! If only there wasn’t more time! To read about our session and my keynote on demystifying social media, go to

National Conference on Volunteering: Australia 2011

Morning coffee rituals

11 Dec

There are some things that you just can’t live without… and for each of us this is different. Enter the marketer!!

Which one are you?

One thing that usually gets us going in the morning is a nice strong brew of coffee. Now again, we all have our different preferences. Some of us don’t drink instant coffee and spend an entire wage on a superbly, sleek stainless steel model that does everything but brush our teeth! Some like the convenience of a Nespresso, but many of us like to have the overall stereo sound of hearing the beans grind, the milk froth, seeing the steam vapour. Again, enter marketers.

No matter whether we like the chat in the coffee room at work, the quick and dirty instant or the sense sensation, there is a coffee for all types. Then there is the plain hilarious!

It’s my birthday & I’ll cry if I want to..

8 Dec

… hang on… it’s not that bad! Infact… birthdays keep getting better!!

Another ‘Celebration of Edwina’ is here (thanks to the idea from @thatcraigguy)… and I have been neglecting this one… or at least neglecting the celebrations, even though they did start last week! As we get older, birthdays should last for a longer time than one day.

In our 20’s it’s fair to say they last a week. Your 30’s bring much more celebrating and you are far able to afford a longer and what I term the ‘Fortnight of Frivolity’.

Now that brings us to our 40’s where the month long ‘Celebration of’ really takes flight….  And continues until we buy that moped (we’ve always wanted), dye our hair purple (ladies), have a comb over or decide it’s far sexier to be bald (gentlemen)!

Has anyone had a birthday like this?Or maybe my 70th!!











Writers block

7 Dec

Some days

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