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It’s my birthday & I’ll cry if I want to..

8 Dec

… hang on… it’s not that bad! Infact… birthdays keep getting better!!

Another ‘Celebration of Edwina’ is here (thanks to the idea from @thatcraigguy)… and I have been neglecting this one… or at least neglecting the celebrations, even though they did start last week! As we get older, birthdays should last for a longer time than one day.

In our 20’s it’s fair to say they last a week. Your 30’s bring much more celebrating and you are far able to afford a longer and what I term the ‘Fortnight of Frivolity’.

Now that brings us to our 40’s where the month long ‘Celebration of’ really takes flight….  And continues until we buy that moped (we’ve always wanted), dye our hair purple (ladies), have a comb over or decide it’s far sexier to be bald (gentlemen)!

Has anyone had a birthday like this?Or maybe my 70th!!











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