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Everyone Needs A Sonic Screwdriver

22 May

I feel like the Cheshire Cat! Yesterday I received my very first Sonic Screwdriver. While it’s from the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, who played The Dr from 1970-74, my childhood recollections of the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (1974-81) are much more prominent. Funnily, I read that the device was greatly downplayed during the Fourth Doctor’s early seasons but saw a resurgence in 1977 with a new producer. In the final story of season 15, The Invasion of Time, Tom Baker conceded, “Not even the sonic screwdriver can get me out of this one.”  I actually remember that episode! I suppose during that time we had other icons including K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith to distract us from not noticing the Sonic Screwdriver.

So what have you ever needed a sonic screwdriver for?

Get you out of a tight spot? Escape from an alien invasion?

I did try to track alien life in my kitchen last night (actually to get the rat from under the fridge that my cat Ollie brought it in just as I arrived home). … but that failed!

Other television memories that I have from that time period (and funnily enough a lot are from BBC/ABC days), are watching grass grow at Test cricket matches, The Goodies, Dad’s Army, and some American favs Doris Day, The Banana Splits, Mr Ed and Lost In Space…  and listening to The Bee Gees and Cliff Richard, and maybe Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass and Tom Jones (I had elder sisters OK)!

Sadly another two wonderful singer/songwriters from my youth lost their battle with cancer this week, Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.  If only the Sonic Screwdriver could delete this horrible disease.


Happy Mother’s Day

13 May

Mothers do sooo much for us that we don’t even notice, let alone appreciate. OK, so they cook, clean and do all of the chores that we take for granted (and really don’t like doing). They are our taxi, our advisor, our carer, our confidant, and sometimes as we grow up, they become our friend. We often forget that they are in the background. Their job is a thankless one as they only want what’s best for their children. Why is that these amazing women should only be gratified and praised on only one day a year. Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day for that matter), should be every day. Give your parents a BIG hug today. It’s not an easy job.

Brands are the same. There are some that have been with us our whole lives, and go un-noticed. There are some that get noticed for the wrong reasons. Do they give you hugs and go that extra mile for you?

Mothers worry about their children and in most cases, put everyone else in front of themselves and their own needs. Don’t call them martyrs, but more-so heroines.

Brisbane Is All Grow’d Up

3 May

My how Brisbane looks like a sexy, middle aged lady. Dressed in her finery and looking glamourous.

Here I am at Southbank on the newly renovated grassy area deciding where to eat tonite. It’s a mix of people going home from work, jogging, kids playing on the grass. There’s even a private marquee with a red carpet, decked out with candelabras & flowers, waiting for a dozen people to arrive.

I’m sold. When I was going through Uni, EXPO was held in Brisbane and back then, it was a country town. Country town now more. This was the beginning of her transition to adulthood. Brisbane you are a star. So many fine restaurants. So many fine suburbs to reside. The river. And yes, the tunnel! Transport, easy.


Keep it SIMPLE

3 May

K.I.S.S – (Keep it simple stupid), a principle that is so under-rated and means that we don’t have to think!

Today has been full of meetings that were full of too much overthinking. I wish I had $1 for every time that I said today, “We need to simplify this”? Why do people want to overcomplicate issues?

And why is it that the most simplest of things are often the best?

A picnic with minimal wine and cheese. A drive down a country road not knowing where the road will take you, or mind you, not caring where it takes you. Fish and chips. Walking in the rain. Chilling out with your friends, or children, just ‘being’. A funny joke. Listening to your old 33 albums or 45s (am I showing me age)??!! Ok, maybe listening to your old songs, but on your iPod. Heading out to the sanctuary of your farm or going boating on the weekend. Going for a run or mountain bike ride. We all have those special ‘sigh’ moments that are simplistic. Why is it that people try to over-complicate issues?

Humour can take on the same approach. You don’t have to be funny to be noticed, but it helps! You get noticed if you’re sad, grumpy or overcomplicating – but not for the right reasons. One of the motivations of why I love marketing and advertising is that often the simplest messages are the best. The ones that are timeless.

Think about these for simplicity….  Let’s have a break?     Just Do It.       Heinz means ….. You know the answer to these… and I could go on!

I visited a PR blog yesterday (, and there it was. The most simple of messages that conjured up childhood memories of singing the song. But the attraction lay in this BIG green T-Rex. He couldn’t, well, I won’t spoil it for you, it made me laugh. The message was so simple. Just look at the picture!

Get noticed by keeping it simple.

Winter = chocolate = love

2 May

Don’t you love a change in season (yes, even if you do live in sunny Queensland)!! Hot chocolate that you have to eat with a spoon? Wooly socks. Investing in a furry animal such as a cat or dog to warm your feet?

Tim Tam have gone even further in Sydney today with the launch of their ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam’ campaign designed by DDB Sydney to celebrate the love that we Aussies have with Tim Tams. Gone is the genie that granted our wishes a few years back, today the orchard launch in Sydney of this integrated campaign sees more than 30,000 Tim Tam bickies able to be picked and nommed (today only). So if you are in Sydney, hurry on down and please enjoy one for me!I wonder if they still make the chilli flavour?

Arnott’s say that they are going to launch more ‘love’ on the rest of Australia, so look out chocolate lovers, as winter equals chocoalte which equals love. Enjoy.

It’s easier not to

1 May

I must apologise for not uploading regular posts. It’s just easier not to.

Do you say that often? It’s easier not to exercise. It’s easier not to have an alcohol free day. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Call it procrastination. Call it laziness. Call it being smart! Call it whatever you like. What would happen if our trusted brands did this? Imagine turning up to the airport and the pilot decided it was easier to stay in bed!! OK, he wouldn’t have his job. But you get my drift.

What would happen if brands thought it easier not to listen to their customers? Did exactly what they ‘thought’ we need. Myopia would rule, and this brand wouldn’t last for very long. It then would be easier for us not to buy their products and services.

I promise not to take the easy road.

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