Keep it SIMPLE

3 May

K.I.S.S – (Keep it simple stupid), a principle that is so under-rated and means that we don’t have to think!

Today has been full of meetings that were full of too much overthinking. I wish I had $1 for every time that I said today, “We need to simplify this”? Why do people want to overcomplicate issues?

And why is it that the most simplest of things are often the best?

A picnic with minimal wine and cheese. A drive down a country road not knowing where the road will take you, or mind you, not caring where it takes you. Fish and chips. Walking in the rain. Chilling out with your friends, or children, just ‘being’. A funny joke. Listening to your old 33 albums or 45s (am I showing me age)??!! Ok, maybe listening to your old songs, but on your iPod. Heading out to the sanctuary of your farm or going boating on the weekend. Going for a run or mountain bike ride. We all have those special ‘sigh’ moments that are simplistic. Why is it that people try to over-complicate issues?

Humour can take on the same approach. You don’t have to be funny to be noticed, but it helps! You get noticed if you’re sad, grumpy or overcomplicating – but not for the right reasons. One of the motivations of why I love marketing and advertising is that often the simplest messages are the best. The ones that are timeless.

Think about these for simplicity….  Let’s have a break?     Just Do It.       Heinz means ….. You know the answer to these… and I could go on!

I visited a PR blog yesterday (, and there it was. The most simple of messages that conjured up childhood memories of singing the song. But the attraction lay in this BIG green T-Rex. He couldn’t, well, I won’t spoil it for you, it made me laugh. The message was so simple. Just look at the picture!

Get noticed by keeping it simple.


One Response to “Keep it SIMPLE”

  1. Fyin May 3, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    I really agree with you… the simplest things are quite often the best. Sometimes, life doesn’t have to be complicated; yet people choose to be part of the complication.

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