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That Friday Feeling

22 Jun

What a big week it’s been. On days like this, we all appreciate that feeling when we wake up revelling in the fact that it’s Friday. So what has everyone got planned? I’m off to The German Club to celebrate the Gemini’s among us, for some awesomely stodgy (and most excellently large) food, lots of awesome European beer and probably dancing to dreadful music sung by Andy (I’m sure that’s his name). You know it’s time to leave when he starts doing Lady GaGa covers!!

So if you see me, I’ll be like Han Solo… except I’ll explain ‘anything’! Ha! 

Happy weekend everyone! (Disclaimer: *Sorry, may also not be wearing Star Wars get up!)!! 



When are the holidays?

20 Jun

Not sure about you, but I’ve been so busy this past month, that I need to do this… Do you?

Vivid Sydney

10 Jun Museum of Contemporary Art

My little sojourn to Sydney just recently was amazing.  I love visiting Sydney. She put on her best weather for me, with two sunny days after a week long of rainy and cold weather. And I hear it’s raining down there again today! The Harbour just glistened and winked: teasing me! No wonder The Sea Shepherd decided to dock the ‘Bob Barker’ and stay for some sunshine in order to undertake some repairs!  People mingled around the ship and the newly opened and renovated Museum of Contemporary Art. Even was part of the opening on the night before I arrived. He is Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation and ”played” his latest world-first interactive music and light collaboration on the façade of the refurbished MCA. Watch it here.

I was down for the X Media Lab conference and it happened to be in the amazing Opera House. And while the conference had an incredible and famous array of speakers, the thing that stole my heart was Vivid and it’s light show. The Sydney Opera House was alight when I walked out of my conference.  But then the MCA was bedazzled… yes, just sparkling. Customs House was amazing… Circular Quay and The Rocks areas were buzzing. Museum of Contemporary Art

Vivid Sydney is on from now until 11th June. If you can click on the link and try to get down to visit.

Saturday I spent exploring Newtown. I had recollections of it from over 15 years ago when I went to an academic conference, but the eclectic shops, people, smells and restaurants was another impressive display that Sydney put on for me. Even before my first coffee, I had seen a spaceman riding on a Pennyfarthing bike, served by a trans-gender in a store (and I learnt alot of new things from that young lady), and walked past a couple strolling down King Street dressed as if they were straight out of the 18th Century.

Keep impressing Sydney.

Happy Endings For Social Media

4 Jun

It’s rather incredible that many organizations still don’t understand the social media ‘minefield’. And like everything we don’t understand, we either kill it (think animals or Wolverine and his (Chrysalids) X-men friends), ban people from using it or ignore it and hope that it will go away.

Social media can have a happy ending for you and your brand if you understand that particular world and those who inhabit it. Just a little teaser today about two social media myths.

1. All social media sites are the same.

Wrong! Assuming Facebook is the same as Twitter is the same as Bebo is like saying that the world of Amazon is the same as the world of Gumtree. And Pinterest. (If you’re asking what Pinterest is, click here)!! Then Google Instagram!!

Lesson:  You can learn many things from others in social media. Join groups, follow blogs.

2. You won’t get in trouble on social media.

Oh dear…. Many people and brands have tried social media campaigns. Some have made mistakes and others using the same strategy have succeeded. Research, research and then research.

Lesson: Don’t think that if you do something wrong that people will be nice to you in this world, and all will be forgiven.  Word travels very quickly in online spaces. If you fail to deliver on brand promises, you will fall victim to the brunt of The Hulk’s fist. 

3. All Gen Y’s are wired.

Again, nothing said further from the truth. OK, so some of this Generation are switched on, are all over social media… but there are a lot who don’t live only in an online world.

Lesson: Yes you should employ them to help you with your social media strategy. And yes, they may want to work remotely. Let them! Learn what they have to offer. Just because they’re younger than you doesn’t mean that they are not ‘wise in the ways of the Force’!!


So for happy endings for everyone? It’s easy.

Only promise what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.

(See I said that I was going to give you two myths, but gave you three)!

Still wanting more?

Lucky To Be Alive

2 Jun

Last weekend I went up to beautiful Mt Nebo for a gorgeous scenic drive and lunch. On the way down the mountain range, we saw motorbike skid marks on a bend, then a sole motorcycle standing on the road. No-one was nearby. We stopped and found a very lucky, young man emerging from the very steep mountain slope. He had his friend with him and a resident who had heard the screech. The young 20 something had managed to jump off his bike before he and his bike both careered down the mountain, only to have the bike land on him on the way down the slope. He emerged with cut jeans, a pretty beaten up knee, a sore shoulder and the shakes.


Last Saturday one of the coldest days that we have had in Brisbane this autumn, but after his adrenalin died down and shock took over, the poor lad was shivering like he had been in iced water. At least he could walk up to the road. He and his mate were on cruiser bikes, they weren’t being silly buggers, but yet, one of them took a corner at the wrong angle, and down the mountain he went. He was lucky to walk away from it. There are many flower bouquets along that range, signaling many others weren’t so lucky. Disaster can hit at any time. These two young lads will think themselves lucky for many years to come.

Brands need to do the same. They can’t become complacent. They need to wake up every morning and think, how can we keep our customers from leaving? How can we make things better by providing better solutions, service, value? How can we attract new prospects? Think smart and avoid disaster, and have customers loving and thanking your brand for years to come. Virgin have just undertaken a huge rebranding exercise. Have they taken a gamble? I think not. They didn’t cut corners too quickly, they thought about the route ahead and were certainly not complacent.

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