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20 Dec

Aaah. New York. New York.

What an amazing city. I arrived last night in Greenwich Village at 10pm and the place was buzzing. It’s great to be back! I’m sure The Village had just woken up. My apartment is on the 6th floor above the Pink Pussy Cat… yes, you’re right what you are thinking! Every cab driver knows it… even though I could the express A train in from JFK. Another first for me, as I have never flown in or out of JFK before. A plane lands and takes off every minute. Whoa – imagine being an air traffic controller at that airport? Actually don’t, as it’s too stressful!

Another find and my new housemates are Laura and Simone (her cat) named after Nina Simone, are just awesome (this is my home – ). 

OK, well first day spent cruising sunny NYC and found the best espresso and Murray’s Bagels. As you can see, it’s a tad cold! But the sun is out – so all is happy in the world!Image

No shoes bought at DSW so tomorrow is another day to find shoes. Maybe I’m getting too fussy. More importantly is jazz tonight, so I’d better be off. Laura tells me that The Blue Note is too touristy, so it’s The 55 Bar 1 minute away that I should be going to. So of course I listened. It will probably be half the price as well. I’m doing the 10pm show so I’m breaking out my Black Milk tights for the occasion! Gotta run. Missing tapas I must say.


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