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Need some new business cards?

30 Jul

Tired of the ho-hum of business cards? Not sure if you’ll be fitting too many of these in your wallet, but a more personalised business ‘card’ is here.

Who wouldn’t want to work at LEGO?

lego business cards
I want one!






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Colours – Part I

17 Jul

Much of our world is related to us in colours. Some never change. For example when we support the Aussie cricketers, rugby union, soccer and rugby league lads: we all wear our green and gold with pride. Airlines – red for Qantas: always will be. Virgin, well they used to be red, but now purple. Tiger, well they’re tiger coloured! 


However, like chameleons, some fashion colours change every season. With the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, many designers will enthral and delight us with their new range of colours for the coming year. 

Today for many and tonight for more, only two colours are important in Australia. The battle between Blue and Maroon. Which one are you? 

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