4BCs Spin Cycle #3

10 Aug

This week, Patrick Condren sifts through the spin with marketing and advertising gurus Simon Dell from Two Cents Marketing Group in Milton and Dr Edwina Luck, Senior Lecturer in Advertising, Marketing & PR at QUT’s Business School.

Our Spin Cycle panel talk about the Superbowl. It costs $3.4m to buy one commercial at the Superbowl, but considering 57% of Americans will be tuned in, it could be worth every cent. And what about the global audience it reaches?

As well, Clive Palmer’s unsolicited endorsement of The Brisbane Times, Chinese New Year, and the revival of 80s music stars; will the INXS bio-pic be a hit?

Listen here.

Spin Cycle #2

3 Aug

After kicking off with a bang about tennis and Apple in our first show, this week Spinners Simon Dell and myself chat with Patrick Condren about the week that was in all things marketing on the 4BC Morning show.

This week the Spin Cycle features the celebrity fitness craze and in particular, 24 year old Gold Coast local Ashy Bines, whose diet has received cult-like status with almost 1 million likes on Facebook and over 100 000 participants in her 12 week challenge.

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is edging closer to release, but if you were her PR manager, how would you re-brand her image? Should convicted criminals be allowed to profit from their crimes?

And white, black, grey and silver are Australians’ most frequently chosen car colours- so how does colour influence what we buy?

Listen in here.

4BCs Spin Cycle #1

3 Aug

Each week Simon Dell from Two Cents Marketing Group and I discuss with 4BCs Morning show host Patrick Condren everything marketing. This is our first show! We discuss The Australian Open, the high temperatures, Bernard Tomic misbehaving and Apple.

Listen here!

You Can’t Have Just One – Tic Tacs are back

3 Aug

Actually, Tic Tacs never have left us, but the latest integrated CHEW-CRUNCH-ROLL campaign by Tic Tac saw Brisbane bombarded this week with transit bus stop posters, TVCs, a quiz in mX newspaper and placement on the back of seats on QR trains. You can take the quiz here.


Tic Tacs have been in Australia since 1976, so could be considered to be in the mature product life-cycle stage. Besides the original Fresh mint flavour, new varieties have been added over the past 25 years including: cinnamon, orange, and an orange and grape mix (in 1976), spearmint, peppermint, powermint, sour apple, mandarin, tangarine, berry, fresh orange, strawberry, wintergreen, pink grapefruit, orange and lime together, cherry, passion fruit, pomegranate, mango and lime. The grape flavor was eliminated in 1976 because of health concerns about the red dye. Exotic Cherry, Berry Blast, and Paradise Mint are the newest range. 

During this time there have been some great tag lines. The first was “The 1½ Calorie Breath Mint”, however  changed to “Two hours of Tic Tac freshness in less than two calories”. In Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and the United States, the successful slogan of “it’s not just a mint, it’s a tic tac” was used. The Tic Tac girl was also a successful add in.


Which are you?

Which are you?









Interestingly, this recent integrated campaign saw sampling being utilised. However, only one Tic Tac was distributed. There could be debate as to the success of just giving out one Tic Tac; weighing up the cost versus the intended benefit. Giving one Tic Tac could be seen as a great teaser campaign, but also shows the insight into consumers wanting more. The theory of economics and consumption also applies here. Supply versus demand: oooh that does taste good, I will have to buy me a packet. It also places Tic Tacs to the top-of-mind for many consumers who may have forgotten about them. Long-term memories are evoked, as consumers would have had previous interactions with Tic Tacs. So many psychological aspects goes into such a campaign. So I must ask the question, is a sample of one enough for you?

Is one enough in a sample?

Is one enough in a sample?

30 years ago Apple changed Super Bowl’s advertising

31 Jan

It’s this time of year when marketers get excited about what the BIG brands are ‘bringing’ to the Super Bowl spectacular. And that is the way it has been since 1984 when Apple changed the face of SuperBowl advertising with their spectacular and unique way to do what they have always done: change things in their favour by doing things differntly. Add colour in a black and white world. 

My journey learning about Apple and SuperBowl as a young academic was one of the happiest I can remember. Brands such as Budweiser, Reebok & Nike of course, who didn’t play with the rule book. How exciting that was to show 19 year somethings that you don’t have to play ball (OK they were the big brand guys – but they wanted to be the bigger guys)! And in the 90’s when the economy was booming, the advertising world was a raging bull. There were no limits. Long lunches. Longer lunches. And a large bar tab.

I digress! Terry Tate – Reebok. Gold.

Where is the product being used? It was all about humour.

Such a wonderful war started and has really not stopped with Nike V Reebok V Adidas. Another blog post warrants each brand’s journey.

30 years ago back in 1984, Apple defined the Super Bowl Commercial as a cultural phenomenon. Prior to Super Bowl XVIII, nobody watched the game “just for the commercials” — but one epic TV spot by Apple – which nearly didn’t get to air, directed by sci-fi legend Ridley Scott, changed all of that. And it nearly didn’t run… The Apple Board members hated the ad – why? Again, they didn’t show the functionality & usage of the product. 

Since then, major advertisers have used the game, paying as much as  US $4 million for one 30-second slot as of 2013, (excluding production & celebrity expenses) to showcase their work and generate buzz that many people tune into television’s biggest event of the year just to watch the commercials, not just the actual game. Let me take you back to the future!

Some days should be Groundhog days

28 Oct

Ever get that ominous feeling on your way to work/the gym/rowing practice/a run, that something is not quite right?

Well today was my day that I REALLY wish would have begun again. 

OK, so alarm went off. Tick – fine. Showered to wake myself up – tick, clean.

Bob Geldof was right. Mondays are not my best of days. There is just something about Mondays. Totally psychological. You’re probably nodding in agreement with these comments. And I have no excuse. I don’t work a typical 9-5, so what is my problem?

First, my coffee didn’t taste like coffee. It was just hot, wet liquid.

As I drove to the Shed, the storm clouds above looked ominous that it would be a wet session on the water. I got every red light. Then I heard on the radio that Lou Reed had passed this earth. 71. Really? School and Uni memories came flooding in, and that was quite difficult at 4.45am.

Third or is that sixth? Two dead ringtail possums on the road. I really get sad when I see possum carnage. And they were big guys too. I wonder how old they were in possum years? 71 too?

Rowing session. Well I’m not sure what was going on, but I was hearing words, but not hearing them properly. Seeing things, but were they in slow motion? Calls were rubbish. This is probably where I should stop this blogpost…. But no, I know you want to read my Groundhog moment. Or is there several? 

Our crew get back to the pontoon. Hard session. My 7 had given me our new rudder to mind (to be put on for The Head of the Yarra) just before we went on the water. The race is in 5 weeks time. But did I leave it safely tucked away in the shed? I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I stowed it in my bag that I take with me. Yes take with me on the boat. My bag has important stuff like bandaids, shifting spanner, Nurofen, tape, shoelaces: stuff a coxswain should carry with them. So I put the bag on the pontoon. I hop out of the boat. Stand up. Go to grab my bag. It’s not done up….. you know what’s going to happen next… 


That’s when I wake up from my nightmare and the rudder is safely in my bag. And has NOT, no has not fallen into the Brisbane River. Sigh. I really need to get my coxswain mojo back. Or we can just start the day again. Without all of the bad things this time around. OK?

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