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Christmas advertising take #2

13 Nov

Yes I know only a few days ago I posted a blog post about loving Christmas advertising (see it here). But over the weekend three amazing campaigns dropped…. all from the UK.

First I dove into Marks & Spencer’s brilliant campaign (much like the Murder on the Orient Express tie in by ALDI with Kevin the carrot), that sees the much-loved Paddington Bear save Christmas around his neighbourhood by confusing a burglar with Santa. The M&S ad has many messages, and hits the nail on the head with emotion, and of course ties in with the Paddington Bear 2 movie which was released in the UK today.

Second I watched the John Lewis ad. I connected with this ad as when I was little I was sure there was a monster underneath my bed! I watched Moz the monster and the young man Joe connect and play at night. That was a gorgeous time of bonding. I was wanting to cry, waiting to cry, but didn’t. (And I cry at the drop of a tissue)! I suppose you outgrow monsters, but Christmas isn’t a time for that. There have been mixed reviews about this ad. Read one from the BBC here. You can make up your own mind.

Moz the monster from John Lewis christmas advert

The final ad was my favourite from Debenhams. Based on the fairytale Cinderella, but with a modern twist (kind of like Rowse’s new three bears – see my post here), Debenhams take you on a wonderful magical love story, click here to watch the ad and tell me if you don’t cry! What girl doesn’t want to be Cinderella? The #YouShall Find Your Christmas is a great teaser campaign, which is really a love story. It captures the spirit of the season, and takes you on their journey.

Cleverly, Debenhams have allowed you to shop what Ellie and Josh are wearing at this site here, including personalised gifts.

personalised gifts

Which is your favourite ad and why?


Daily Deals: Are relationships dead?

13 Dec

Checked your full inbox this morning? Or noticed after you signed up for ‘Daily Deals’ that your inbox is always full (someone does love you)!!

This trend is growing with businesses being smart to cash in on this phenomenon. Anything goes with products and services offered ranging from wine, house cleaning, yoga, facials, holidays, ballooning… and I could continue on forever! Direct mailed straight into your inbox – with a clever headline! We as consumers can now pick and choose whatever takes our fancy. If we are not interested, we delete the email. Simple!

Or is it?

From a marketing point of view, what message are business sending? Do we need a deal to attract the attention of new prospects? Possibly we do? But possibly we don’t.

Will this new customer become loyal to your business?

This really depends on how you treat them. If you treat prospects poorly they won’t come back to complete their deal. You need to still woo these customers over to ‘your dark side’!! You need to provide superior service, you need to value add and provide solutions superior to their (original) provider. You need to provide a positive brand experience.

I suppose the other aspect is… do you want a relationship with these new customers? Most smart businesses and brands will…. But there are always those brands out there that may be arrogant to believe that by doing nothing will turn these potential new prospects into customers. Treat ‘em mean hey?? Unfortunately this strategy won’t work in our uber competitive marketplace.

So we get the new customers in from a deal. What is your conversion rate? And this is after costs? To offer this ‘daily deal’ costs a lot… to not convert will hurt your purse strings.

How about another take on this, keeping your loyal customers happy?

Do they get a deal as well?

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