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Authenticity – Are you showing the real you?

18 Mar

Authenticity is something that belongs to the soul of a brand, person, sporting team…. you name it. It also vindicates why we follow sporting teams like The Roar, Broncos, go to The Gabba to watch the cricket or see a band that has been around since your childhood. It also validates the brands that we wear to those occasions, what we eat and drink, our (excitement) activities before and after the show, and the merchandise that we purchase to re-affirm our loyalty.

Last night I saw Duran Duran at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre. They had nothing to hide, infact they showed true qualities of amazing (and stunningly gorgeous), men who had aged as well as a good red. Simon Le Bon had throat surgery late in 2011 but you wouldn’t have heard any different. While these guys have aged tremendously well, they showed their authenticity by being transparent. There were no extra kilos around their waists and they put on a show as good as any 20 year old somethings. They connected with their fans by telling stories, going out into the audience and playing all of their old hits. They used Twitter thanking fans after the concert. Transparency is something that a brand needs to show if they want to humanise the experience.

The sexiest men on Planet Earth

People, like brands are authentic, if they want to be. They show us what they want. They tease us, they pretend. They hide their weaknesses. May the Duran Duran boys keep taking us to Rio within our wonderful Planet Earth for another 30 years with their authenticity!


The Cricket Colonial

20 Dec

For the baby of four girls brought up in a central Queensland country town, watching Test cricket was THE most boring thing in the entire world. It was SOOOO slow, even grass grew quicker than what happened in the centre of the field. OK… I was too young to appreciate Dennis K Lillee’s hairy chest, gold chains and high pants, or Thomo’s amazingly fast, fire balls. I probably didn’t appreciate The Ashes battles but I certainly have grown to LOVE them now! My childhood cricketing heros

Then an amazing person called Kerry Packer (who also must have been bored) –but he was also thinking of how to financially capitalize on 20million Aussies being totally bored and introduced the white cricket ball. And the concept went worldwide.

With my nextdoor neighbours, we had THE XI of Jessie Street! We were THE guns! The first white cricket ball in the steet. Cricket then became exciting… not that I remember a lot but men in funny colours, quick one day games that drew the crowds back into the stands for some beers and bikinis! Yellow was not a flattering colour (unless you were Dennis K)!! hehe

So today I’m off to my first Twenty20 match. But what’s wrong with me? I’m not excited. In fact, I’m a little apprehensive. I now have grown into a Test girl… yes, a girl who likes cricket, loves the 1st day of the 1st test at The Gabba. For those reading  & scratching their heads.. The Gabba stands for Wooloongabba (yes it’s spelt that way! A suburb in inner Brisbane, sunny Queensland, Australia. And a bit more trivia for those playing at home.. juts around the corner from the recording studios where Powderfinger started jamming about 20 years ago).

One day games, fine… and my dear Dad’s Xmas present (again) are One Day tickets for next year. I’m even taking my 14 year old girls today, and you guessed it, they are NOT impressed! They didn’t like One Day-ers!

But I am not a fan of the Big Bash games. I haven’t been to one… but the idea of smashing the ball to Kingdom Come (where is that place)?? Just doesn’t excite me.

I have read many a cricketing newspaper article about how this has destroyed the game. I realize and understand that you can’t be everything to everyone, and maybe that was the hardest thing for the cricketing lads to work out. They didn’t have to be in ‘every’ team to be a success. But maybe this game has brought the crowds back. Created excitement where no excitement was, says Yoda. There was a great article in The Aust Financial Review Magazine, Summer 2011. http://www.afr.com/afrmagazine 

That’s what marketing is all about isn’t it? Cricket Australia have seemed to created a war between the States, put sexy back with cool names, including Melbourne Stars (a bit gay), Sydney 6ers and Thunder (don’t mind those), Brisbane Heat (sexy), Hobart Hurricanes, Adelaide strikers, Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Renegades (bit American). And funky coloured outfitting!

Well… I’m sure that my girls’ and my experience will a fun one tonight …  I’m not a Shane Warne fan, but I am looking forward to seeing his facelift debacle and you can’t deny it, seeing him bowl in such a game like this will be fantastic!! Stay tuned! I’m a little bit excited now! 

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