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14 Dec

Don’t you just love a good Graduation ceremony? I must admit, I do! And I get to go to two a year to watch my favourite under & post graduates do ‘the walk’.

They don’t realise how wonderful ‘the walk’ is and how much it means to them until the day. Ok, it does only last for 30 seconds, but that 30 seconds is not just about their last 3 years. It’s about their families, their pain & suffering but also lots of fun.

They’ve met so many wonderful people on the way, many their Professors. Who are so proud to see them gown up and be awarded their certificates. Most students don’t realise how their Profs can help them get jobs or work experience. Many are scared of us & afraid to speak to us in fear that we are aliens!!

Fear not young graduands. We praise you & wish you well in your future lives.

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