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QANTAS rocks

7 Jan

Everyone disses QANTAS. I LOVE Qantas. I just have to say that no other airline lounge gives you free everything. QANTAS staff are so friendly. So helpful. I’m sooooo proud to be Australian.

(My) Great Adventures

5 Dec
A Qantas Boeing 747 with the kangaroo livery o...

A Qantas Boeing 747 with the kangaroo livery on display. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This will be the first of many posts of My Wonderful Adventure: so be warned!

First stop Madrid… however this will not happen for another 30 or so hours, but hey, who’s counting when you have an upgrade to Premium Economy on the BNE-SIN leg. I’ll fill you in on if I get an upgrade from SIN-LON! Fingers crossed.

But I have to weave in some marketing magic and here it is! I am sitting in the Qantas Lounge at BNE International airport sipping on a glass of lovely champagne. Cheers!

I have to say, for all of the woeful press that Qantas get (and you can see my earlier blogpost on Qantas), I do love the flying Kangaroo. The staff have been nothing but pleasant, the food, ambience: wonderful. Brands are going to help my adventure to allow me to tell stories. To share. Brands also have wonderful adventures, wonderful changes and hurdles. It’s the brands that are there through thick and thin, through disasters, that stand up and be counted, that make us share stories about them. To allow them to intertwine into our lives. Great adventures are all around.

So this is the start of my great adventures. Apprehensive but ready for the challenge. If you are having adventures over Christmas – ENJOY.


Will the woes ever end for Qantas?

22 Nov


Oh dear… poor Qantas. Can they do anything right at the moment?

It seems that not many people are feeling sorry for the airline but rather smashing it on social media. OK, what were the QF social media team thinking with the Radike Samo black face prank, and now this competition offering the ‘amazing’ prize of an amenity pack and our famous PJs? PJs!!!! Puhleease Qantas…. what were you thinking?

My only concern is that Qantas will end up like Ansett and be something that we remember fondly. A distant memory, that nostalgic and feeling of warmth that we felt when we looked to the skies to see the red flying Kangaroo, especially when we were overseas. Don’t let Qantas and the flying kangaroo become extinct.

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