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Airports: logistical brilliance

7 Dec

After flying for over 30 hours to get to Spain (no wonder people call us crazy Aussies), my appreciation for airports and the services that they provide has increased. I’m sure you have thought about this at some stage during your travels as well, but my goodness, sitting in Singapore and Heathrow watching the amount of planes and people that are ‘moved’ through the transport system is amazing. I couldn’t hazard to predict how many people per day travel through Heathrow, but the amount of staff, food, waste, hire cars and taxis that contribute to turning the cog.

The elements of SIVA really ring true in this aspect and most people would not even give a thought to this. Solution – too many to list for passengers, but the main one would be getting from A to B, but with the many services that are now offered, we take these for granted. Singapore airport for example has a movie theatre, gym, pool and many more services, not to mention shopping that goes on for kilometres! Information – found everywhere with helpful customer service staff on hand, who are bi-lingual. I do feel for staff who get abused by passengers because the hot breakfast has run out. Probably the most important element if airlines want return customers is Value . Some airlines and their staff forget that it’s them and their attitude that makes our journey enjoyable, memorable and helps us build relationships with that airline. Access comes from every digital, online and human touchpoint.

I must say that the staff at Heathrow were lovely. Which I know many of you will be surprised to read that comment! They must be still on a high from the Olympics! And good on them! It made my transit visit much more pleasant and easier than it could have been. I think I was up to 24 hours travel by then and the lady looking after the showers bumped me up the line so I could have mine and be on my way before someone else who had a later flight.

Next time you’re passing through an airport, just take a second (or 2) to think about the logistics of even the simplest of things: getting your luggage to the right plane, then finding it at the right gate when you arrive at your destination! Ever thought about the de-icing truck? They have a limited time before take off to de-ice the body of the plane. Ensuring that the food loaded onto your plane doesn’t get too near the fuel or waste truck. I could go on and on.

Because when you think about it, it’s not that simple at all.

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