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Star Wars day

17 Dec

Today I could not wait to visit one of Sevilla’s grandest of sights, Plaza de Espana. It was built in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exposition and continues to amaze everyone who sees it.



It’s a giant semi-circle of renaissance revival architecture, several hundred metres in diameter, with a moat crossed by ornate bridges. It’s actually the size of 5 football fields.

Also being a Star Wars fan I was in awe imagining myself on set of Star Wars I or II – The Attack of the Clones or The Phantom Menace – take your pick!


It also has on the walls of the Plaza 48 tiled alcoves, each representing a different province of Spain. These ceramics are very ornate and extraordinarily beautiful and detailed.



It was an exotic pleasure of the senses from the breathtaking moment that you see the Plaza to wandering over its four bridges (which represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain: Castille, Aragon, Navarre and Leon), to thinking you’re on Planet Naboo: it simply takes your breathe away.

IMG_2330 IMG_2325 IMG_2309


That Friday Feeling

22 Jun

What a big week it’s been. On days like this, we all appreciate that feeling when we wake up revelling in the fact that it’s Friday. So what has everyone got planned? I’m off to The German Club to celebrate the Gemini’s among us, for some awesomely stodgy (and most excellently large) food, lots of awesome European beer and probably dancing to dreadful music sung by Andy (I’m sure that’s his name). You know it’s time to leave when he starts doing Lady GaGa covers!!

So if you see me, I’ll be like Han Solo… except I’ll explain ‘anything’! Ha! 

Happy weekend everyone! (Disclaimer: *Sorry, may also not be wearing Star Wars get up!)!! 


Happy Endings For Social Media

4 Jun

It’s rather incredible that many organizations still don’t understand the social media ‘minefield’. And like everything we don’t understand, we either kill it (think animals or Wolverine and his (Chrysalids) X-men friends), ban people from using it or ignore it and hope that it will go away.

Social media can have a happy ending for you and your brand if you understand that particular world and those who inhabit it. Just a little teaser today about two social media myths.

1. All social media sites are the same.

Wrong! Assuming Facebook is the same as Twitter is the same as Bebo is like saying that the world of Amazon is the same as the world of Gumtree. And Pinterest. (If you’re asking what Pinterest is, click here)!! Then Google Instagram!!

Lesson:  You can learn many things from others in social media. Join groups, follow blogs.

2. You won’t get in trouble on social media.

Oh dear…. Many people and brands have tried social media campaigns. Some have made mistakes and others using the same strategy have succeeded. Research, research and then research.

Lesson: Don’t think that if you do something wrong that people will be nice to you in this world, and all will be forgiven.  Word travels very quickly in online spaces. If you fail to deliver on brand promises, you will fall victim to the brunt of The Hulk’s fist. 

3. All Gen Y’s are wired.

Again, nothing said further from the truth. OK, so some of this Generation are switched on, are all over social media… but there are a lot who don’t live only in an online world.

Lesson: Yes you should employ them to help you with your social media strategy. And yes, they may want to work remotely. Let them! Learn what they have to offer. Just because they’re younger than you doesn’t mean that they are not ‘wise in the ways of the Force’!!


So for happy endings for everyone? It’s easy.

Only promise what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.

(See I said that I was going to give you two myths, but gave you three)!

Still wanting more?

Xmas Present Woes – Give Experiences

18 Dec

This holiday season, instead of giving your girlfriends a necklace or a sweater, mix things up and gift them an experience they’ll never forget. Sometimes life’s responsibilities can get in the way of spending enough quality time with your gal pals, so what better way to make time for them than to give it as a gift? And the best part of experience gifts is that the memories and photos will last a lifetime. Here are 6 out-of-the-box girls’ night out ideas that you can share with your ladies, whether they are sporty, crafty, or have a sweet tooth!

c/- GeekTyrant.com

  1. Day spa
  2. Chocolate experience
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Pole dancing
  5. Zumba
  6. Book club

And lads, you can do the same thing… except no shopping on the list! And while you’d like to try pole dancing, I’m not sure how that would go down with your man-pals.

  1. Deep sea fishing trip
  2. Skydiving
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Duran Duran 2012 concert tickets (yes you may as well fess up – you loved ‘em too)
  5. Dr Who box set (or Star Wars) – fun for everyone & some downtime in the new year.
  6. Bikram yoga (yes… lose those unwanted Xmas kilos)
  7. If you’re in Australia – Harry Potter exhibition @Powerhouse in Sydney or Harry Potter World in the USA (and you can use the kids as your excuse)!

Morning coffee rituals

11 Dec

There are some things that you just can’t live without… and for each of us this is different. Enter the marketer!!

Which one are you?

One thing that usually gets us going in the morning is a nice strong brew of coffee. Now again, we all have our different preferences. Some of us don’t drink instant coffee and spend an entire wage on a superbly, sleek stainless steel model that does everything but brush our teeth! Some like the convenience of a Nespresso, but many of us like to have the overall stereo sound of hearing the beans grind, the milk froth, seeing the steam vapour. Again, enter marketers.

No matter whether we like the chat in the coffee room at work, the quick and dirty instant or the sense sensation, there is a coffee for all types. Then there is the plain hilarious!

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